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What is Image Shadow?

When we see a product image without shadow, it seems quite abnormal to our eyes. Because we are not habituated to see an object without shadow and it is not natural too. So an artificial but shadow with the real impression of a product is created in Adobe Photoshop. This is called image shadow, more accurately product or object shadow. We have professional graphic designers who are experienced and skilled in this service. With the help of Adobe Photoshop, we provide drop shadow, reflective shadow, soft and natural shadow and most importantly product shadow for product images. These images are used by e-commerce site owners, ad makers, magazine designers, photographers etc.

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Drop Shadow

A drop shadow is a visual effect consisting of drawing or image that looks like the shadow of an object, giving the impression that the object is raised above the other objects behind it.

Soft Shadow

Drop shadow is the fallen shading of an object. It is created with the help of light effect. This shadow is normally dark or gray in color that resembles the shape of the product. Photoshop drop shadow has different purposes. One is to create natural appearance of the product. It creates a natural connection of the subject with the background. It helps to create a real and professional image.

Natural Shadow

Natural shadow is created under the main object. Product is placed on different background and shadow must need to be created in any background with proper adjustment.

Reflection Shadow

natural shadow natural shadow

A reflection shadow can give a product such a look as the product was photographed on a reflective surface like a glass mirror. Using Photoshop mirror shadows in product images can attract the customers and increases impression of quality. It is a simple but effective image editing technique that can boost up your e-Commerce store, catalog, brochure, magazine, printing industry etc.


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