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Lazy Mask is a photo and video editing service provider. The company has more than 30 years of experience in this field. What does make us different? We have a large team of graphic designers ( 250+) with customer support executives, digital marketing team and others. We have a large stat-of-the-art production floor which is active 24/7 all the year round.
Our core services include - clipping path, photo retouching, photo restoration, photo masking, color correction, pre-press work, advertisement & magazine design, etc. Pen tablet or graphic tablet enables us to support you with high-end beauty retouching service. This is the latest technology for photo retouching. It offers more precise and finer retouching than mouse-based photoshop.
Our head office is situated in Virginia, USA with other studios in London, UK, Sharjah, UAE and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Remove Image Background

During photography, there may be some possibilities that the image background is unsuitable. As a result, the total image loses its attraction. Our Remove Background Image Service is designed to help the skilled photographers, ad-makers, e-commerce owner ad magazine publishers. Apart from them, anyone from others will take the benefits of our service too.
  • Before-layer masking
    After-layer masking
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Clipping Path

This service is extremely helpful for e-commerce business, fashion related business, magazine, ad agencies etc. for several photos, background removal or replacement is important as a result of they'll have unsuitable background. Our service is extremely professional, skilled and precise. We maintain 100 percent quality and expertness for providing this service.

Image Masking Service

For hard edges clipping path technique is applied, for the furry or soft edge masking is used. In the situation, where it cannot be possible to grab more accurate details of soft edges with the clipping path technique alone, photo masking method is called upon to isolate the object from the background including layer masking & so on.

Ghost Mannequin Effects

Greatly helpful for e-commerce and garment item photos, ghost mannequin impact has reduced the requirement of original human figure to represent a product photo. We can produce hollow or ghost mannequin effect more professionally than others. Our service include-3D/360° Packshot Ghost Mannequin Effects, Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin etc.

Shadow Service

While making shadows on products for show, our team usually applies some specific photo editing techniques, viz. remove background of the product, clean noises and distractions, enhance & retouch the photo, bring out the most effective color with color correction, and at last apply the most effective shadowing technique to give the product an original look.


We offer quality exposure & color correction services for e-commerce photos. This service will solve Exposure issues which may happen photography. Our team uses multi-clipping path for color correction. We offer conjointly offer portrait & face retouching, image cleansing service. Pen tablet will provide you with High-end retouching service. Try us!

Color Correction

We offer quality exposure & color correction services for e-commerce photos. This service will solve Exposure issues throughout photography. Our team uses multi-clipping path for color correction. Color Correction is employed to upgrade, enhance, amendment color, exposure of the image. it's sometimes applied to different photography.

Photo Restoration

Have plenty of old and gray photos to recover or to revive the broken photos with vast number of scratch marks? Our team has dropped at you the 100 percent skilled photo restoration service. we will edit year recent icons and fix the issues to relinquish the broken photo a brand new look. you'll be able to see the before and after photos of restoration samples from image gallery.

High End Retouching

Wacom or pen tablet permits Lazy Mask team to support you with high-end beauty retouching service. It is the most recent technology for image retouching. It offers a precise and finer retouching than mouse and click based Photoshop. We tend to use Wacom Pen tablet. It’s considered as the best brand of pen tablet. It'll provide you with the best quality retouching.

Portrait Retouching

We offer quality exposure & color correction services for e-commerce photos. we tend to conjointly give portrait & face retouching, image cleanup service. Pen tablet is that the latest technique for retouching service. Pen tablet will offer you High-end retouching service. Try us today and get the amazing free trial facility!

Vector Illustration & Drawing

We use Adobe Illustrator for our Vector Illustration & Drawing service. 3D Design in Auto CAD (Computer power-assisted Drawing) for mechanical, architectural 2D & 3D vector drawings is our specialty. Our service includes Vector Illustration, line drawing, Sketching etc. Such design styles is used for brand, name and alternative vector dependent style.

Vector Logo Design

We design amazing vector logos for our valued clients. Our design style is exclusive, skilled and business oriented . Vector logos will be used for T-shirt, ad magazines, etc.You can use various Image to Vector Converter Online, however in terms of fine quality, nothing compares to manual logo style.

Raster to Vector Conversion

Our Raster to Vector (R2V) Conversion offers this service to convert logo and artwork. We use Adobe Illustrator, Flash Animation in Macromedia Freehand for our service. 3D Design in Auto CAD for mechanical, architectural 2D & 3D vector drawings is our specialty. Service includes Vector Illustration, Line Drawing, Sketching etc.

Photography Post Production

We assure you that our photography post-production photo editing service can keep you tension free. We are very much skilled in taking a decent care of your photos. A photographer might need photography post-production service. Imperfections during photo session like colors, brightness, contrasts and exposure issues must be adjusted.

Ecommerce Photo Editing

Every e-commerce platform and marketplace has totally different strategies for displaying product photos. Lazy Mask is very much familiar with each of these guidelines. E-commerce stores like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba show thousands of product. CPI offers the foremost skilled E-commerce Product photo editing service. Try us today for free trial.

Wedding Photo Retouching

Recording or taking pictures of a marriage in itself is very long and an enormous task. Wedding photo editing is very much crucial and sensitive work. Our team takes additional care to edit such photos utterly. Bridal gown, jewelry, groom and bride's skin color etc ar subjected to retouching and photo editing service.

Fashion Photo Editing

New fashion, new trends. Lazy Mask provides a new updated fashion photography redaction service. it's dedicated to fashion photographers, fashion magazines and people from fashion business. Fashion organizations would like high-quality pictures. Fashion HDR mixing focuses on combining 2 fashion pictures to form one image.

Jewelry Image Editing

Lazy Mask presents the most effective Jewelry Photo Editing service that is one of the most complexes compared with other commercial image editing or retouching. For skilled jewellery photography, it's necessary to take care of glittering effect of gold, platinum, diamond etc. It requires a mix of expertise, talent and expertise.

Real Estate Image Editing

We are highly professional and experienced in taking a good care of real estate photos. A real estate photographer may require real estate photo post production service after taking several photos. Imperfections during photo shoot such as colors, brightness, contrast and exposure problems needs to be adjusted. Get our superb discount offer!

Stock Photo Retouching

Have lots of stock photographs for future use? Do you need to be edited now? We provide the most skilled stock photo editing service. 100% quality assurance, quicker work time. low-cost value and a guaranteed reimbursement. We strongly believe there's no image within the world that can't be re-fixed or remodeled. Driven by this belief, we provide stock photograph editing services across the world at the foremost affordable costs.

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Pen Tablet Experts

Generally, for hair masking, we use Photoshop. But hair image masking needs more accuracy. So we use a pen tablet for applying soft edge on hair, cloth, fur images. It is also used for changing image color tone, exposure, brightness, contrast etc. We provide this special and unique service for many magazines, catalog companies, model and product photographers. Using of pen tablet needs professional expertise in which we have mastered ourselves. Masking via pen tablet makes us different from other companies, we can bet.

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The team of our experienced graphic designers works all the year round to give you the best image masking services. Check our price idea (Check Here) and get the final works within a short time.

We create 100% accurate and hand drawn image masking by Adobe Photoshop and Pen Tablet according to requirement. We are a result oriented company who believes that your satisfaction is our achievement. We do not just complete your job but also take a good care of your photos. Sometimes, it is not all about business; it is also about dedication, hard work, love, ethics about the work and we maintain it strictly for our clients.

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If you need a quality image masking service at a competitive price, Lazy Mask can be the best partner with whom you can work with. Our expert graphic designers use Photoshop Hair and Flesh Masking, Alpha Channel Masking, Transparent or Translucent Object Masking, Collage Masking daily to process an incredible volume of images from the US and Europe. We have zero tolerance regarding image quality and we maintain 3 steps quality control process strictly. So try us now!

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