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Clipping Path is an Adobe Photoshop pen tool based image editing technique which is basically applied to remove or to replace the image background. This technique is required for almost every type of image manipulation services like color correction, image retouching, image restoration, ghost mannequin and so on. It also gives an opportunity to extract or isolate an image from an unwanted background. However, there are various types of Photoshop clipping path services. Let’s talk about these below.
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Clipping Path Service Category

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Basic Clipping Path

The basic clipping path technique in photoshop is important for photo background removal. It is applied on the round shaped product like egg, plate, ball etc. There are also some small curved products which belong to this category such as mobile, book, bottle etc. This is an easy and less time consuming task. The amateur graphic designer even can perform this service.

Simple Clipping Path

To remove image background, the simple clipping path is applicable for the curved products with some holes such as T-shirt, shoe, ring, watch etc. In this clipping path, the number of anchor points of the path is greater than the basic clipping path. It needs a little bit of extra attention.

Compound Clipping Path

This is another technique cut out the background from the product photograph. It is applied to such products which have a few corners and curves. These images may have few embedded transparency (holes). The technique is used for bracelet, neck joint or ghost mannequin image, group shoes, group watch, motor parts and so on.

Complex Clipping

This technique is used for products with compound and complex shape. These products are a complex mixture or blend of several compound shapes together with simple shapes with more than 10 holes or embedded transparencies and more than 10 closed paths. It is literally complex compared to basic and medium clipping path. It is applied to various products such as jewelry, net, group image, cycle, furry doll, group people etc.

Super Complex Clipping Path

It is a tough job that requires more than 1 hour for hand-drawn clipping path with accuracy. Products with numerous curves, paths and holes need a super complex clipping path service. This technique is applied to the group shot hair path, group bracelet, furry doll, gate of buildings, trees etc. Besides, clipping path with soft edge is another exclusive method. It is applied on fur, hair, doll etc. images to give them soft edge. Soft edge gives an image more natural look. Normally, 0.5 feather is applied on an image in Photoshop but it may vary on image quality and resolution.

Multiple Clipping Paths

This technique gives a scope to change particular component of an image such as color, multiple fillings, changing opacity, size and rotation changing and so on. This technique is also used to apply various filters and effects. To make different versions of the same type of product such as garment items, the designer applies this technique according to the clients’ demand.

Benefits of this Service

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So, before taking this service, you must know the benefits of the service. This technique is used for the background removal of a product image. But this is not the end. In Photoshop masking, clipping path is the first step which is used on fur, hair, muslin like images. When you need an image of which different parts need to be painted with different colors, multiple path is necessary. It is used for e-commerce products i.e. garments, houses etc. Clipping path technique is also necessary for the neck joint or ghost mannequin. It is widely used in e-commerce sites or advertisement for displaying garment products without mannequin. So you can see, clipping path had a wide range of benefits for photographers, e-commerce website owners, ad makers or who deal with image editing works.

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