Tutorial- Remove image background applying Photoshop Pen tool

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December 28, 2016
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January 23, 2017
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Tutorial- Remove image background applying Photoshop Pen tool

remove image background

In my previous post, I have written about The  Impact of Background Removal Services in various sectors.

Today I am going to write a tutorial about how to remove image background by applying clipping path technique with Photoshop pen tool.

I am making path around a product image applying Pen tool in Photoshop. Ok, let’s see the whole process step by step—

>> At first open an Image in Photoshop


At the very first, I’m opening a single rose vase image in Photoshop. You can open or place any other images for clipping path.

>>Take a new Path layer

Path tool

Take a new layer from the path palate so that in case of deselecting the path you’ve created, you can regain that. In fact, it is not mandatory because the path will be created automatically at the time of first click by the pen tool on the image.

The image I’m using here if I like to create different paths of the every object, I need to take a new path layout for the each object, otherwise the path for each object will be created in the same path layer.

>>Zoom the image 300% or 400% depending on the resolution.

zoom shortcut

For making a perfect path, zoom in the image to make the edge properly visible. You should zoom up to 300% or 400% as you need, but that depends on the image resolution of pixel dimension.

>>Select Pen tool from left toolbar.

pen tool

Select Pen tool from left toolbar.

Now this is the time for taking the main weapon from the left toolbar and that is the pen tool which is the best tool among all the tools used for creating the clipping path.

To create path properly, you must have a clear knowledge of using the Pen tool and its features like anchor point, handle etc.

Next, do clipping path with the pen tool. Click on the image edge. Start clipping 1 or 2 pixels inside from the edge to clip perfectly.clipping path

Make different paths around every vase image. After completing the path creation, press Ctrl and click on the path thumbnail from the right path palate and you can notice the path is selected.

>>Press Shift + F6 => Feather Selection. Apply feather radius 0.5 pixels to get the soft edge of the image.


Press Shift + F6 => Feather Selection. Apply feather radius 0.5 pixels to get the soft edge of the image.

Select feather to make the image edge soft because after clipping the image, the edge of it remains rough and doesn’t look smooth. Here, I’ve applied 0.5 pixels, but the ratio varies from image to image.

>> Select Add layer mask

Layer Mask


Here, add a layer mask by just click the option add layer mask to the image to separate it from the background. It gives us another opportunity to regain the originality of the image in case of any mistake.

>>Click on Adjustment layer => Apply Solid Color

adjustment layer

Click on Adjustment layer => Apply Solid Color

Finally, you can change background color as you like. Here, adjustment layer will help you to change any color.

>>Now you can enable or disable the layer mask.

enable or disable layer mask

Finally, check the perfection of clipping the background by making enable or disable the layer mask. In the way, you can understand how perfectly the job you have done.

Ok, friends. That’s all about this tutorial. I’ll be back soon with another. Bye!
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