Luxurious homeware textile photo editing and retouching

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Luxurious homeware textile photo editing and retouching

Consistency in homeware businesses is not uncommon.

From the very early age of industrial revolution homeware products like beddings, stationary sofas, dining, and desks were thought to be only for upper-class peoples.

It took a turn, however, when society began to decentralize. People began to feel less inferior and adapt to the lifestyle they feel comfortable.

That was a long time ago. However, in the present time, the scenario is completely different. With the disappearance of the class base economy, people are now more inclined towards capitalism.

In effect, it has made our life a whole lot better. The economy has gone skyrocketed, disposable income got a boost and the business market is brimming with possibilities.

Now let’s focus on the homeware market. Homeware market, for the past few years, is doing quite well actually. In a recent study from statista, estimated spending on stationary sofas/sofa-sleepers in 2018 is $17 billion, $16.4 billion on bedding, $7.3 billion entertainment furniture, $7.2 billion on formal dining room furniture. And these numbers are most likely to rise by 2023.

These numbers represent the expenditure on furniture but not on homeware textiles such as Textured Blankets, Ornate Kantha, Carpet and Mat, Tapestry, Cushion, Curtain, Bedsheet, etc. There are no such studies on homeware textiles but you can get an idea on the homeware textiles expenditure from these studies also. One thing that we can tell from these numbers is that homeware markets are oozing and consumers are buying stuff for their home and will continue to do that.

Now the question is, what are you doing to attract these customers?

To answer this question from a marketing perspective, the most important thing to revise on this prospect is to carve out a plan to make your product look attractive and alluring to your customers. In this article, we will do a comprehensive discussion on how you can make your homeware textile products more appealing to your customers and the services that are needed to make that happen.

Let’s dive in.


How to make your products look more appealing

In a journey to make your product more appealing, you have to take a number of actions. Only product photography will not propel your audience forward to buy things. Making them buy things will need you to convince them, appeal them, and subdue them in a meaningful way. So, how do you do this?

The first thing that captures our attention when we see advert, is the image, then the presentation, the graphics, and the tagline. And these adverts are purposefully made to look catchy by manipulating photos, graphics and also blending the environment. To perform these tasks designers often use the aid of different retouching technique like clipping path, Image Masking, shadow services, color correction, photo manipulation, vector illustration and conversion, etc. in image manipulation software like photoshop or lightroom.

To recapitulate, it’s almost impossible to attract your audience without the aid of photo retouching services.

Luxurious homeware textile retouching services

A long list of categories is available for the purpose of making your luxury homeware textile product more appealing. Some of these services are needed to remove unwanted objects so that shoppers can focus on the product in the presentation. If the image is sketchy you will need some heavy photo manipulation to complete the missing piece. Other times color correction, background removing and white balance are essential for more professional look. In the next section, we will give you a comprehensive idea about these various services.

Background Removing

This service is the most popular and widely used in e-commerce and online businesses for marketing. In this service, the background is flawlessly removed from the subject or the subject is extracted from the background then a clean background is placed under the subject. This way the focus of the product remains undistracted. Most of the time a white background is used for this task because in white background the subject tends to pop the most.

Why this is necessary

For your luxurious homeware textile product presentation, the presence of other objects can make the image more distracted and ultimately result in shifting the focus from the product. Luxurious homeware products like yoga mat, carpets, and woolen threaded carpets have an intricate design which should be the main attraction of these products. Losing focus from this aspect is the last thing that you will ever want for your products. That is why background removing is necessary to trick the audience’s mind into thinking this is what they need to see.

How it is done

As mentioned earlier, products pop the most when it is shown against a white background. And to achieve the white background, first, the existing background must be removed.

Clipping path services are used to extract the product from its background so that a new background can be replaced in its place. Depending on the product there is a list under the clipping path services.

However, it can be a grueling task to achieve this result with the furry subject like woolen blankets, weeding blankets, woolen mats, translucent product, objects with transparent materials (glass, clear plastic), textured blanked, woolen tapestry, and other woolen products.

For these kinds of products, only simple clipping path is not enough. This is where image masking is indispensable. Image masking is a technique in which we can make something visible or invisible in an image in a non-destructive way. This is the primary purpose of masking.

Removing background from these complicated objects are under the complex clipping path services where a blend between clipping path and image masking service is used to extract the subject from the background.

Unwanted Object Removing

Like background removing, unwanted object removing is also a demanding service. Due to a lot of reasons photographs come out unexpected and often with a lot of unwanted objects which can look distracting and less professional.

In this service, designers try to cover up the lack of unprofessionalism by removing those unwanted objects from the image. By doing so, the whole photograph becomes somewhat balanced and doesn’t look messy anymore.

Why this is necessary

Unprofessional image is not good for sale. No matter how good your product is, if you fail to attract your audience with the visual, it’s in no use. More objects in a photo mean more distraction. You have to be very very careful when it comes to choosing props; what should be there in the product photo and what not.

Sometimes due to limited budget in photography, vendors tend to take the burden of taking the product photography in their own hands. This results in taking some not so great photographs at the end. An abundance of unwanted objects and over decoration can make a photograph very hard to focus, in other words very unattractive. This is why removing these unwanted object is necessary.

How it is done

Clipping path is used to remove these unwanted objects. Sometimes if the photograph is clean enough, process of object removing becomes easy. At that time, more simple technique is used to remove the object from the image. However, that is not always the case.

For a complicated product photo with a lot of unnecessary objects in it, the process of cleaning would be hectic. On top of that if the product is translucent like a translucent curtain, silk curtain, see-through curtain, net curtain, etc., removing any object from these products will involve masking with complex clipping path. Designers do this with the help of pen tablets. With incredible precision, this gear also gives them great flexibility.

Color Correction

Color correction is the process of fixing the color in an image. In other words, it is the process of getting the footage captured the way it’s intended. This process involves balancing out the white to make sure nothing is washed out and perfectly saturated.

In this service, color of the products is modified or enhanced to look more relevant. This service is particularly essential for online-based product photography and the demand is surging very fast.

Why it is necessary

Limitations. It might be the camera that you are using is limited after using to a certain degree. It might be due to the outdoor lighting (daylight) that is preventing the product’s original color from popping. Sometimes it’s the dynamic range that is not balanced. The sky is completely burned out or the product is completely overexposed. Color can be distorted in many ways like that.

When you are photographing products like ornate kantha, Indian handmade quilt, embroidery tapestry, woolen tapestry, it’s always important to focus on the design aspects of these products. Making sure the hue is perfectly saturated in the photograph is as important as the product itself. This is the reason why color correction is necessary.

How it is done

Normally, software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are used for color correction. Depending on the image and what is needed, designers may need to create new custom presets. Sometimes individual parts of an image are needed to be modified. And to do that clipping path is essential.

There are other techniques used to color correct an image such as the use of curves adjustment layer and different blending techniques to grab the perfect gray area, so on and so forth.

Shadow Creation

Shadow creation is particularly important for product presentation in all kinds of marketing. Most of the time it’s the shadow which makes a product looks zippier. Lack of shadow can make a product look unprofessional, unusual and unattractive. In shadow creation service designers apply different kinds of shadows like reflection shadow, natural shadow, drop shadow or original shadow to bring back its original shine.

Why it is necessary

Photos in their raw format (depending on the environment in which it has been shot) can make a product look pale. Products like blanket, carpet, mat, tapestry are susceptible to bad presentation. That is why professional-quality product presentation involves retouching, color fixing with product shadow creation and manipulation.

There are many products which lack proper shadow in their product photos due to lighting issues, studio condition, and lack of proper photography skills. But this can easily be fixed in the post-production and the service that you need to fix this problem is called shadow creation.

How it is done

Shadow creation service has a list of categories. Each of this category has a different approach to perform the action. For example, a reflection shadow is applied by creating a layer mask with a different blend mood. Drop shadow is created by applying an adjustment layer. Natural shadow is created analyzing the light source and the surface it falls on.

Creative Photo Manipulation

A photo can be manipulated in various ways. But creative manipulation is a technique we use to make something out of something or make something by blending different properties of an image or more than one image into one. Creative photo manipulation in product photography refers to a technique where a different part of an image is manipulated to achieve the desired result.

Why it is necessary

A product can be displayed in a myriad of ways. Sometimes typical product presentation will not do justice when it comes to creative presentation. Depending on the tone of the presentation, properties of a product need to be changed accordingly. If your product needs an abstract look, you can’t just leave it with a bit of retouching. It needs to be manipulated according to the theme.

In luxurious homeware textile photo editing blankets, curtains, and bedsheets are such products which need to be presented artistically to hold the audience captive.

But there are also some of the predefined categories in photo manipulation. It includes photo compositing, image blending, photo morphing, and photo collage creation. If you are in need any of these services, you should check what creative photo manipulation has to offer.

How it is done

There is no definite way of doing creative photo manipulation. Depending on your need, designer will do whatever necessary to make that happen. By doing so he or she might need to use a different technique to blend, morph, composite the image.

Sometimes a designer might need to approach the idea from a totally different perspective. And that will make him/her do some complex set of works that is necessary to achieve the result.

Vector Illustration and Conversation

In graphics design, the importance of vector illustration is second to none. When designing an idea or structure, flexibility bears the core importance and vector illustration provides that. Unlike raster, vector graphics are not pixel dependent rather it’s based on vector paths, curves, and lines.

Raster or bitmap graphics are the composites of pixels, a dot matrix data structure. Colors are individually stamped on pixels, as a result when a bitmap image is enlarged, the pixilation is visible throughout the fringes. Vector, on the other hand, uses geometric measurement to determine the strokes.

Why it is necessary

As mentioned above, if the image is pixel dependent, you can’t use that in project where you need flexibility to do certain things. For example, in an advertisement banner where the size is not fixed, you cannot use a raster image, otherwise, pixilation would be visible.

Vector is size-independent regardless of the dimension of the image. It’s scalable to any size. Instead of pixels, vector uses geometrical measurement to determine the shape and size that makes it more flexible and compressed in file size. That is why in logo design, poster and banner creation for advertising, animations, character design vector arts are necessary.

How it is done

Most of the time adobe illustrator is used for these kinds of tasks. With the help of pen tool, designers are able to create a precise illustration of the original product. Sometimes a traditional mouse is also used for simpler illustration.

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