How to Look Better in Photos- Secrets of Model Photography

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How to Look Better in Photos- Secrets of Model Photography


We get amazed and envy seeing the beautiful and flawless pictures of the models. What are the differences between these extraordinarily perfect & beautiful models, and ourselves? Firstly, the difference comes from preparing and presenting the models before the camera. Secondly, photography related techniques. Thirdly, glamour retouching using Photoshop. Most of the images we see in newspapers, magazines, fashion magazines, catalogs etc. are highly manipulated using photo editing software. Most of the time, they are far away from the reality. These images of the models are so perfect and polished that we as a general people (girls/women especially), think that we are so ugly compared to the models we see.Here you will get some secret tips about model photography which will make you so amazed and excited that how you will you be appeared in photos like a model.

We are not ugly. We are real. We can look better also, if we take some factors into consideration, during our pictures are being taken. We need to prepare ourselves for photo shoot. And we also need to present ourselves correctly before the camera. In this age of smartphones and selfies, it seems like we need to be always ready to look good in front of camera. Following are some vital points we should pay our attention to –

Preparations and Makeover

Hairstyle Hair

Your hairstyle makes a great difference the way you look. Seemingly it can even change your apparent personality. Generally, if your hairs are tidy and organized the way you want, you will look the way you want in the photos. If possible you can see a mirror to check the present look of your hair, and make necessary dressing with a comb, or your hand and fingers. Another trick people use is to see the face through the smartphone camera if a mirror is not easily available.



Men generally do not wear face makeups. If you are a woman face makeup can lift your appearance considerably. So you can do some blushes and wear a transparent or colored lipstick. If your hair is okay – face cleanup and makeup will make you look better. You should wear bright makeup, if you are going to be pictured brightly. If proper lighting arrangements are available like the studios, you can wear lighter makeups. A model may not wear lighter makeup because of the intended purpose of her or his picture, advertisement/marketing for example.


Model Clothing

Cloths are important too. A photograph with a nice cloth will increase the charm. As for a normal rule, dress should be appropriate for the place and occasion. If you take a selfie wearing a gorgeous night gown while you’re in the office working, will definitely look inappropriate or maybe funny. Just wear the clean outfits appropriate for the event and location.

Don’t Forget to Smile smile

People say smile is good for health and mind. It is also good for pictures. So don’t forget to smile when you are posing for a photograph. A relaxed and nice posture will definitely increase your look in the picture. A rigid or inappropriate posture will result in the opposite.

Photography Related Factors

Photography is a huge subject. People sometimes say that the main rule of photography is that there is no rule. But we should stick to the basics most of the times for normal photography. I will just briefly talk about the most important three here.

Proper Lighting Lighting

Lighting is the heart of photography. Lighting may affect the picture dramatically. Photography is all about lights that we see. It is the art of painting with lights. For model or portrait photography, a photographer sets the key lights at the eye level.

If you take pictures outdoor the Sunlight acts as the key light, and the skylight acts as the fill light. So you will look better when the sun will be lower, in the evening.  For indoor picture you can use the light coming through the window or door as the main source of light. If you have high powered light you can use them also. Be careful not to place the light below the head level or eye level. This will give an unnatural or ghost like environment created in horror movies. Because in a natural environment, sunlight comes from the upper side.

Camera Angle Camera-angle

The Camera angle is important for how we look at the photo.  We look natural if the angle is neutral or eye level. We look differently and unnatural if the camera angle is high level or low level. We look small and weak if we are shot from high, we look powerful when we are shot from low.

Camera Composition Camera-composition

To describe it in simple words, we can say – composition is just the arrangements of people and objects in the camera frame or picture. Another technical aspect of composition is the rule of third. It suggests us to imagine 2 symmetrically distanced vertical and 2 horizontal lines which eventually makes 9 equal sized blocks on the camera frame. While shooting we should keep the most important objects on these lines, or where these lines intersects.

Glamour Retouching Glamour Retouching

The human body is not a perfect entity. It has many limitations, some are visible and some are not. Who does not want a perfect look? And we also want a perfect photo when we take photos of ourselves. When we see a model photos in website, advertisement, banner, billboard; we wonder “What a perfect look they have! I wish I could get a look like that!” Yes, it is very much possible by using Adobe Photoshop. Graphic designers apply a technique called glamour retouch in the photos. If you have some imperfections to your face like acne, blemishes, unusual hair, or other kind of spots; you can get rid of those using a graphic design program like Photoshop.


We all want the picture perfect. Now, we know that to be the part of a perfect picture, we have to be conscious about some aspects of presenting ourselves before the camera. We need to make our hair tidy, face bright, and capture the image following the basic rules of taking picture. We also know that we can correct any flaws and imperfections later using photo editing techniques. So next time you are before a camera you can expect a nice picture. Keep smiling… Bye…

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