How to create holographic effects in Photoshop

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How to create holographic effects in Photoshop

Holographic Effects

Creating holographic effect in Photoshop can be fun, but if you can blend with your business, this graphic design technique can bring profits. If you run a startup, you may notice that your customers often ask you to have holographic effect on their marketing and branding stuff. For different usage in different digital marketing platform and social media, you get holographic effect creation order from new or old customers. Though it is an easy graphic design task using Photoshop, but if you don’t know how to create holographic effect, it will be tough for you and for this very reason, you may lose customer. So, we are here to share with you about the technique of creating iridescent effect. It is an easy 5-minute Photoshopping tutorial you can learn.

Holographic foil effect

1. Open Photoshop and create a blank canvas.

2. Get a color palate on the same canvas as a different layer.

Color Palate


3. Create a new layer under the color palate layer. Select Gradient fill color or adjustment layer.


Gradient Fill


4. Fill the layer with different gradient color. Select the colors from color palate you like. Look at the below image.


Fill gradient color


5. Take Liquify tool from Filter and convert your images into Smart Object. Drag the Liquify tool on the gradient layer and see the preview. Try to create your image like the below snapshot.


Liquify function


6. Open a texture image on the new layer and drag it under the gradient layer.




7. Keeping selected the gradient layer, go to blending option. Select Color mode and click on it to have the final result.


Gradient and texture blending


Final Output:

Final outcome


Create Holographic Gold Foil Effect

1. Open Photoshop and take a new canvas. Change the foreground and background color. Take a new layer. Then go to Filter option => Render => Clouds.


New canvas



Gold effect


2. Go to Filter => Noise => Add noise. Decrease the noise and select monographic to get a glittering holographic effect.


Glittering holographic effect


3. Go to Filter => Filter Galleries and select the Distort option. Click on the Glass effect and increase the distortion slide to the maximum, keep smoothness up to 3 as you need and increase or decrease the scaling as you desire to generate best glass effect. Follow the below snapshot.


Best glass effect


4. Now take a text layer and write something. Drag the text layer below the gradient layer. Then go to Layer option and click on the Create Clipping Mask. Thus you can have nice golden text-based holographic foil.


Final Output:

Final output

So, isn’t it enough to know about creating holographic photos? If you go through the article and practice with that, you must be able to make holographic effects.

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