E-commerce Product Photography: Get Professional Product Photo Retouching

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E-commerce Product Photography: Get Professional Product Photo Retouching

E-commerce product images

If you are wondering about the most crucial factor that enhances visitor’s engagement with online products, it is undoubtedly high-quality product photos. Unlike physical stores, online stores don’t allow visitors to touch the products. What they allow is only viewing the product photos. When viewing is the only way for the people to make up their mind, product images must be presented enthrallingly in the e-commerce site. Just think about posting dull product images! Will they appeal potential clients? Obviously, no. A photo with pixelation, distortion, or blurriness will surely distract site visitors from your products. If you promote products in online marketplace with low-quality images, visitors will overlook your products and move on to other vendors. Even if you advertise products in your own e-commerce site with shoddy images, shoppers will leave your website and go for another one. Hence, to pull customers in online stores and drive sales, quality product images are essential.

Let’s dilate upon various types of e-commerce product photography

Apparel Photography: Apparel is one of the highly purchased items among various types of products on e-commerce sites. No matter whether it’s a necessity or a part of fashion, trendy people prefer snapping up their outfits from online stores. The only sense they get to use is sight and based on sighting product images they either purchase the products or backtrack. As a vendor of apparel, it is really pivotal that the product photos are crisp as well as immaculate. Along with that, you should also snap multiple clothing images from various angles so that you can represent the products as detailed as possible. Exhaustive display of costumes will create credibility among the buyers and ultimately persuade them to purchase.



Jewelry Photography: Jewelry photography is one of the toughest kinds of photography for product photographers. The photographer has to be very circumspect while taking shots as it can be challenging at times to pick the right angle. Technically speaking, photographing jewelry such as ring, earring, necklace, bracelet, etc. can be a cakewalk if done deftly. The photographer has to set up the studio with all the necessary gadgets to produce a prospective outcome. Correct exposure, proper lighting, image sharpness, and right angles are the key factors for a jewelry photographer to nail his job.



Fashion Accessories Photography: Fashion accessories include watch, belt, sunglass, wallet, etc. Along with other wearables such as shirt, t-shirt, pant, and shoe, these add-ons complement individuals. Online stores have a huge collection of these fashion products. Average e-commerce companies don’t hire models for fashion accessories shoot. Hence, the shutterbugs must be innovative in taking shots. At times, they have to improvise to make them stand out. They have to pick and choose the location, background, and also the positioning of the fashion items.



Furniture Photography: Furniture is an article that serves various purposes including beautifying a house. People are very fussy when it comes to purchasing furniture let it be chair, table, sofa, closet, chest of drawer, or dressing table. While buying these items from online stores, they will be even more choosey as there they will only get the opportunity to sight the products. A product photographer prior to shooting furniture has to not only focus on the appearance but also on the positioning, lighting as well as a backdrop to attract the shoppers.



Electronics Photography: The demand for electronics is on the rise due to most people’s passion for electronic equipment. With the development of technology, new devices are being manufactured and introduced in the market. Along with selling common electronic gadgets, online companies also sell new devices. As there are a variety of devices with varying size, shape, color, and design, product photographers require distinct tactic to employ in photography so that the buyers get everything that they wish. For example, if a photographer shoots a laptop, he has to take multiple shots from various angles, to cover all the focal points of the laptop. On the contrary, in case of shooting a pen-drive which is also an electronic device, he can take fewer shots as it doesn’t have too many focal points.



Automotive Photography: The demand for automotive kits in online stores such as satnav, car lights, replacement parts, performance parts as well as accessories, wireless charger, etc. are escalating. Nowadays, trendy and car-savvy people are opting for purchasing their preferred automotive devices from e-commerce stores. Automotive photography requires a little bit of extra attention from photographers. Whether the product contains any imperfections including scratches, unwanted shadows, improper color balance, etc. all these must be examined prior to taking shots. To prevent camera shake, a tripod can be utilized as well.


Why you Need E-commerce Product Photo Manipulation

If you are an e-commerce site owner or even an online vendor, professional image manipulation of your products is indispensable if you want to generate profit in your business. As discussed earlier, click-and-mortar stores are totally sight-based as opposed to brick-and-mortar stores. Despite making an effort to follow all the photography techniques, pitfalls are bound to take place. Therefore, the product images must be optimized during post-processing.

Quality Improvement: Quality is one of the utmost priorities of clients before snapping up any product. If the quality of a product is not up to the mark, clients will be reluctant to purchase the product even if the product is low-priced. The product may have all the latest features yet it will go unsold. In e-commerce sites, the first and the foremost thing that the clientele notice is product image. Therefore, along with the products, even the product images need first-rate quality. The product images should be optimized in such a way so that the customers don’t think to opt for another vendor or another site.

An Opportunity to Raise Revenue: Every businessman after investing capital, looks for generating and scaling up revenue. The more revenue he can generate, the more he will thrive in his business. E-commerce is such a business which enables the entrepreneur a way to make quick money. However, as the products in this business are not tactile for the clientele, presenting the products enthrallingly to them is very pivotal.

A Platform to Excel: In this competitive age, every businessman intends to outperform his competitors. To execute that successfully, there is no alternative to gratify the potential clients. In the case of e-commerce business, product photo is the point of interest. The more you can spice up the product image, the higher the chances it will stand out. This, in turns, will not only get you sales but also make your company superior to others.

A Way for Customer Attraction: One of the major goals of every businessman apart from elevating sales and generating profit is to build long-term rapport with the clients. In e-commerce business like other businesses, it is very key for the site owners or vendors to appease the clientele. Photo optimization is a great technique to add realistic and splendid effect on the products and that will entice the customers to buy the products. In addition, if you offer high-quality products to your customers, they will purchase products regularly and you will end up building long-term rapport with them.

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